Don't See What You Need? 

Multiple services on-campus are often thought to be managed by the IT Department, but in reality are managed by other groups within the University. 

  • Many issues in a Scholar course can often be resolved by contacting your Instructor prior to reaching out to the IT Office (Ex. Course availability, test settings). 
  • For issues with CNU Live, course registration, Student information in Scholar, Contact the Registrar's Office
  • For issues with Billing, tuition, or payment accounts, Contact Student Accounts. 
  • For issues with your Captains' Card or Captains' Cash, Contact the Captains Card office in the David Student Union. 
    • Print Funds are also managed by Captains Card managers. 
  • For issues with door access to given buildings (Ex. card swipes not working) Reach out to the Housing office. 
  • For physical repairs to systems such as ventilation/air conditioning or electricity, contact Operations.
    •  It is also recommended to contact Operations if you encounter a broken lectern (ex. Lectern will not close/lock properly). 

If your issue is managed by IT services and is not resolved by the above documentation, refer to the contact methods below to contact the IT office or file a helpdesk ticket. 

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079