Sometimes you may want to share a recording you made in one class with another class.   You do not need to follow these instructions to make recordings available in the course in which you created them; students have access to all recordings in any course that they're enrolled in .

To do so, make the recording, and wait 1-2 hours for it to process.

Then, click on the three lines at the left side of your Collaborate area.

Collab menu

Then, choose Recordings.

recording button

By default, your recordings are only available to students in the course that they're recorded in.  You'll notice a lock icon in the Access column if if that's the case.

lock icon

To make the recording available outisde of your course, click the three dots at the right, and choose Recording Settings.

recording settings

Check the "Allow public access" box, and click Save.

allow public access and save

Then, choose Copy Link from the menu.

copy link

You can then share the recording however you'd like.  If you want to share on Scholar, you can do so using a Web Link.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079