Logging in to your Voicemail

There are several ways that you can check your voicemail, but your voicemail can only be set from the direct call-in or via the ShoreTel client on your computer.  This article will only deal with the call-in.

You can log into your voicemail using the following key combinations depending on what phone you use:

  • From your CNU phone: dial [#]

  • From another CNU phone: dial [#], wait for the chime, and press [#] again.

  • From a non-CNU phone: dial your phone number, wait for the voicemail, then press [*].  When prompted, press [#]

If you’re on your own phone, you’ll be just prompted to enter your password.  Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to enter in your extension (including the 4) and password. If you haven’t changed your password, the default password is 1234

Initial Setup

The first time that you log in, you’ll be prompted to change your password.  Please change this to something other than your extension or 1234, as this password allows anyone with it to access your voicemail and your phone’s settings.

You’ll next be asked to record your name.  This recording is used for the default greetings.  Finally, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to set a greeting.

Changing your Greeting

It’s important to remember that your greeting is determined by the state that your phone is set in. States also change call forwarding behavior.  If you want more information on this behavior, see our article on states.

To change your greeting for a particular state, you’ll first need to set your phone into the state for which you want to set the greeting.

Changing States

To change the state your phone is in, press the button underneath |State| on your phone.

Mitel Phone States

You’ll be brought to a menu of states.  Highlight a state with the arrow keys (you can scroll down below the four that appear on the screen) and press either OK or the button in the middle of the arrow keys to select it.

Mitel Phone States List

Your phone will then follow the forwarding settings of the state you’ve selected. Don’t be alarmed if the buttons next to the screen light up orange; this just means that you’ve set a state that forwards all calls to your voicemail.

Changing a Greeting

Once you’ve got your phone in the correct state, access your voicemail by pressing [#].

From the menu that plays once you log in, press [7], then [1].  You’ll then be able to record your greeting.

When you’re done, press [#] to confirm.

Changing your Password

To change your account password, first log into your voicemail following the directions earlier in this article.

From the menu that plays once you log in, press [7], then [4].

You’ll be prompted to enter a new password.  Do so, then press [#]

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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