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To use Qwickly Attendance, you must first add it to your class.  You can add it to the course menu by clicking the plus sign at the top of the menu and choosing "Tool Link".

Scholar Tool Link Addition

Give the link a name (e.g. "Attendance") and choose Qwickly Attendance 2019+ from the "Type" dropdown.  If you want students to be able to check themselves in or see their attendance record, check Available to Users.  Students will use this link to check in and view their own attendance record, but WILL NOT be able to see other students' attendance or change their own.

New Tool Link Fields

Once the link appears, you can click on it to begin the setup process.

The first time you access Qwickly Attendance, you’ll see a warning about linking it to your Blackboard account.  It uses this access to pull your student lists and return attendance grades. It is safe (and required) to click Allow.

Qwickly Attendance Allow

First, click “Begin Set-Up”.

Qwickly Attendance Begin Setup

You'll then be presented with a series of options on a single page. You can change them later if you find that they don't work for you.  

First, choose the default display style of each student when taking attendance. You can choose whether you want the tool to display a list of all the students in your course, display the students one at a time, display an Alphabetical list using Accessibility Mode, or display each student’s attendance as a swipeable card (Which is not currently available.)

Qwickly Attendance Styles

You next have a few options to further control the display of attendance:

  • Show absences on Take Attendance Screen displays the number of absences that the student has next to thier name.
  • Show Unavailable and Disabled Students in Record allows you to see students who dropped your course in the attendance record.
  • Round Grades to Nearest Whole Number ensures that the points that you set for the students’ grades are always a whole number.

Qwickly Attendance Preferences

You have two ways you can look at attendance for grading purposes.  You can either grade based on the number of times that a student was present (based on attendance) or the number of times that a student was absent.  The presence-based grading gives you three options:

  • Define Total Points:  This is where you set a total number of points for the entire semester's worth of attendance.  Qwickly Attendance will adjust the grade based on the percentage of class periods that a student has attended as attendance is taken.  A Grade Center column called "Qwickly Attendance" will automatically be created.
  • Points Per Session: This allows you to set a certain number of points to be given to the student each time he or she is marked present.  A Grade Center column called "Qwickly Attendance" will automatically be created.
  • No Gradebook Column:  Record attendance without setting a grade. No Grade Center column will be created.

    Qwickly Attendance Grade Center Integration

If you grade based on Absences, you’ll select Points Per Absence and enter a negative number in the Points Per Absence box.

Qwickly Attendance Grade Center Absences

Whichever method of grading you use, you should select “No Grade Center Column” for the grading method that you don’t use.

If you opt to have students check themselves in to gather attendance data, you can also choose to require a 4-digit PIN, as well as a timer that measures when this PIN creates a valid check-in. This PIN is generated per session, and helps prevent false or accidental check-ins. 

Qwickly Attendance Check In

You can also select whether or not you wish to send an email to students who are marked absent for a given session, and write a customize message in the case of said absence.

Qwickly Attendance Absence Email

Finally, you can view available attendance statuses for your course. The default statuses are ‘Present’, ‘Absent’, and ‘Excused’ ; however, you are given the option to create custom course statuses if these are not sufficient for your needs.

Qwickly Attendance Statuses

To do so, click on Add Status at the bottom.

Qwickly Attendance Custom Statuses

You’ll then need to fill in some information.

  • Enter the position that the status should appear in the list of custom statuses (custom statuses ALWAYS appear after the buit-in ones.
  • For Name, enter in the name of the status.
  • Points are the percentage of points for attendance that should be given.  The example above means that a student who is tardy is counted as receiving 75% of the credit for attending a course.
  • Absence is the percentage of an absence that the status counts as

Custom Status Fields

The last thing that you need to do is select a color.  To do so, click on the spot where Color appears.

Custom Status Color

Then, select the color from the right and the specific shade on the left.  Click “choose” to select the color.

Custom Status Color Options

When you have selected your desired settings, click ‘Save Settings’ at the bottom of the page. You will be returned to the top of the page with the following message:

Qwickly Attendance Settings Saved

Click the link in the message to go to the Take Attendance Page. If you want to change your settings at any time, you can click the ‘Settings’ link at the top left of the page.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079