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To view your students' attendance record in Qwickly Attendance, click on the Attendance link that you created. Then, click on ‘View Record’, which is visble at the top left of the Attendance screen. 

Qwickly Attendance Record Link

You will be then taken to the attendance records for your students. From this part of the application, you can filter attendance records by student name, or scroll through records for multiple sessions. Qwickly Attendance Record

You can also:

  • Delete or edit a session by clicking on the arrow at the top of that session’s column.

Qwickly Edit Session

  • View total absences and current point totals

  • Export the attendance record to an Excel file using the export button.

Qwickly Export Attendance Record

If you wish to edit any single attendance, you can click on the space displaying the status to open an edit window. Change the attendance to the desired status, use the comments field to add pertinent details and click ‘Update’.

Qwickly Attendance Record Details

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079