I forgot my password.

If you’ve previously set up your security questions, you can reset your password by clicking on the link on the login screen.

Login Screen Password Reset Link

You’ll be taken to the password management screen.  If you need to reset your password, click on “Reset my Password”.

Password Management Reset Password Link

Next, enter your username (CNU ID) into the box.

Password Reset ID Field

You will then be asked your security questions

Password Reset Security Question

If you answer them correctly, you can enter a new password on the following screen.

Password Reset New Password

If you don’t remember your security question answers, contact the Customer Service Desk at 594-7079.

Forgot your Username?

Your username for the CNU Connect system is your student or staff ID number printed on your CNU ID card, including any leading zeros.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079