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This page is only applicable to Staff and Faculty who have received a computer asset from Christopher Newport University. This DOES NOT apply to personal computers.

This article assumes the following:

  1. You (the customer) submitted a ticket, and the procurement of your new device is underway.
  2. You (the customer) received a ticket from Information Technology Services stating we are currently setting up your device or we are going to deliver the device shortly.

New computer setup & delivery process:

  1. You will receive a ticket indicating an ITS technician will be setting up the device and the listed parts that will accompany the computer such as speakers, displays(s), keyboard, etc.
    1. During this time, you can begin the process of backing up important files on your computer to a mapped drive such as F:\ or a personal thumb drive. This is only required if you keep files on your computer. If all of your files are already on F:\ then you don't need to back up anything. 
      1. Any questions on how to do this, please place a ticket at or call at 757-594-7079.
    2. Please begin the process of clearing your physical workspace if you are expecting our technician to bring the new computer to your office and set it up for you.
      1. ITS wants to ensure the safety of everyone involved and that our visit to your office is brief and not disruptive to you or your business. 
  2. Work will begin on your computer in Ratcliffe Hall by imaging the computer and setting up very basic software (see the reference to "base image" above).
  3. Once this work is complete, a technician will reach out to the owner (designated on the ticket). Please make sure that if the ticket is put in incorrectly or if the information needs to be updated, to contact us, or sign in and update the ticket via the ticket portal. It is important to note at this step if you expect the technician to physically set up your computer (unbox, position, connect cables, etc.). It is not required that ITS connect your new computer; you may feel more comfortable doing this yourself if you are savvy enough. 
  4. Once a delivery date has been scheduled and determined please make sure that 1-b is complete and the physical workspace is ready for new computer delivery.
  5. After delivery and setup of the computer occur, the original ticket will be closed to show work completed by the onsite technician.
  6. After the computer has been set up physically we ask that the user then submit a ticket via or by calling 757-594-7079 to state what software and data need to be transferred. This will be communicated and reiterated by the technician doing the physical install.
    1. Please be sure to include any information necessary to reinstall the software, license key information, software download locations, etc...

Please keep in mind that if you have a laptop computer and will be taking it off-campus, you will need to sign in to the computer first before taking it off-campus.

If at any point you have questions about this process or others, please let us know by calling the help desk at 757-594-7079 or reaching out to us via email at

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079