This article discusses utilizing SafeAssign from within an Original View Scholar course. For Ultra courses, refer to the documentation hub here

To submit a document to SafeAssign, go into any course on Scholar.  From the Course Tools menu, choose SafeAssign.

Course Tools Menu

On the screen that comes up, choose DirectSubmit.

SafeAssign Options

A list of the papers that you’ve directly submitted will appear, to submit a new paper, click the Submit Paper button.

Submit Paper

The paper submission screen will appear.  

Direct Submit Settings

If you want to check the paper, but not add it to the SafeAssign database (for example, if this is a part of a larger work or a rough draft and students will be submitting the full draft later), check the “Submit as draft” box.    Click Choose File to upload a file.

File Upload

Then, click Submit. The paper will be added to the list, and you’ll see the percentage of the paper matched by SafeAssign.  NOTE: DO NOT rely on the SafeAssign percentage for a grade. SafeAssign generates false positives and false negatives.  It’s important to view the report to determine whether a paper was plagiarized.

To view the report, click the green check mark on the line for the paper you’d like to check.

View Report for Submission

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