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Why OnGuard

OnGuard is an application that is required for CNU students to access the eduroam wireless network while at Christopher Newport. Upon installation, OnGuard checks your computer to verify you have an antivirus software installed. If OnGuard detects that you have an antivirus software installed, OnGuard will display your status as "healthy". If OnGuard does not detect that you have an antivirus installed it will display your status as "Unhealthy".

Once OnGuard has completed scanning your computer you will be granted full network access. However, if OnGuard was unable to detect the presence of antivirus software you will have 14 days to obtain an antivirus software before losing internet access. If you believe that OnGuard has failed to successfully detected your antivirus software please submit a ticket via or feel free to contact our customer service desk at (757) 594-7079.

This tool serves as a key security feature, protecting users of CNU's wifi networks from the spread of viruses. For more information please feel free to watch the two videos available on the OnGuard download web page

Downloading OnGuard

If you have not installed OnGuard simply connect to eduroam and open a web browser. Once your web browser has been opened you will be automatically redirected to the OnGuard download page. You can also browse directly to the OnGuard download page following this link

Installing OnGuard

OnGuard Install

Click the green Download button to get the OnGuard scanner.

Save File

Select Save File, and open it by clicking on the bottom of the screen (on Chrome), or selecting it from the downloads menu (on Firefox).

Windows User Access Control Warning

In some cases you may receive a Windows User Access Control (UAC) warning message prompting you to approve the program prior to installation.

You must select yes to start the installation process. 

Select Language

Next, choose the language in which you’d like to run the installer and click OK.

OnGuard Setup

Click Install.

OnGuard Install In Progress

Wait for the installation process to complete

OnGuard Install Done

Verify the Run ClearPass OnGuard check box is checked, and then select Finish to finish the installation

OnGuard will then scan your computer.  If you are missing any requirements for accessing the network, it will let you know.  You will need to fix them before you are able to connect to the full CNU network.  

If you need an antivirus program, you can obtain it from one of the following vendors.  If you have an anti-virus program that is not on this list, you can check the full list of supported antivirus programs.

Once you fix the problem, your system will be rechecked and you’ll be able to access the wireless network.  It will take roughly a minute for the system to register that you have the required updates.

Running OnGuard

Once the installation has completed OnGuard will automatically run, this can be seen by double clicking the icon located at the bottom righthand side the screen.

Run OnGuard

Once OnGuard has finished scanning "collecting health information" of your machine, and has detected an antivirus software is installed you will see the following

OnGuard Status

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079