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Many publishers provide test banks that can be used to create tests in Scholar.  If your textbook publisher provides a Blackboard formatted test bank, you can import it into your course in Scholar.  If you need assistance finding the test bank, contact your publisher representative.

The test bank file will be a Zip file. Save it to your computer, but do not unzip the file.  Do not use Safari to download it, as Safari automatically unzips files and will prevent you from importing the test bank. 

Once you've got the file, click on Tests, Surveys and Pools on your Course Tools menu.

Tests Surveys and Pools

Click Pools.

Select Pools

Click Import Pool.

Import Pool

Click Browse My Computer.

Select Pool File to Import

Locate your test bank and double-click it.  Then, click Submit and your test bank will be imported.  You can then add the questions to tests.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079