The Mitel (formerly known as ShoreTel) phone system includes software called the Mitel Client that can be installed on your computer.  You can’t use the client to make or receive phone calls over the computer, but you can use it to remote control your phone.  This article covers the basics of using the client to control your phone.  The articles on Changing Forwarding Settings and Changing Voicemail Settings with the Mitel Client explain how to use the client to set up call forwarding and control your voicemail.

Table of Contents

Getting the ShoreTel Client

To get the Mitel client navigate to Self Service and select the appropriate software, once downloaded you can proceed with the instructions located below. If you have any issues please give us a call at 757-594-7079 or put in a ticket at!

Logging In from a CNU owned computer

The first time that you open the client, you’ll need to log in with your CNU ID Number and password.  You can check the box "Use Windows Credentials" and enter the following server address:

Mitel Client Login

Logging In from a personal computer

The first time that you open the client, you’ll need to log in with your CNU ID Number and password.  You must manually enter your username "CNU ID #" and password, DO NOT select "Use Windows Credentials".

Enter in the following server address:

Optionally, you can check the "Remember me" box so your credentials are saved.

Mitel Client Login

Looking Up/Dialing Numbers

When you log in, you’ll be taken to the main client window.  You can look up a phone number in the directory by typing their name in the box at the top.  When you do, you’ll see their availability.

Number Lookup Field

Dialing a number

Simply type in the name or number you wish to dial.

Click on the appropriate contact that displays.

Then, click the "green" call button.

At this point your phone will start calling the contact.

Mitel Contacts Screen

Saving Contacts to “Favorites”

One of the chief advantages of the Mitel client is the ability to set an unlimited number of people as “Favorites,” which provides many of the same benefits as setting them as speed dials on your phone.

To set a person as a favorite, search for them and click the star icon next to their name. 

Mitel Save Contact

Speed Dial with “Favorites”

Once you have saved contacts as favorites you can quickly call them by simply navigating to "Contacts" and selecting "Favorites".

Mitel Contacts Lists

Checking Voicemails

When you have a new voicemail on your phone, it will be indicated on the client.

Clicking on it brings you to the voicemail view.

Select a specific voicemail will provide additional options and display more information about the caller.

Here, you can easily play, forward, save, or delete voicemail.

Mitel Voicemail Lists

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079