This documentation discusses the Grade Center in Scholar's Original View courses. For documentation on the Gradebook in Scholar Ultra courses, refer to the Scholar Ultra Courses hub here

There are a variety of good reasons to hide a Grade Center column from the My Grades student view. At the very least, instructors should hide or delete whichever of the two, default, calculated columns (Total or Weighted) that they do not use. You might also wish to keep a column hidden until you have finished grading all the assignments or tests.


To hide a column from students, click on the dropdown menu at the top of the column and choose “Hide from Students (on/off)”.  DO NOT click “Hide from Instructor View”.  This will hide it from your view but still show it to students.


Grade Center Hide From Students

Once you click that, you will still be able to see the column, but there will be an icon indicating it is hidden from the students.

Hidden Column Grade Center

I’ve hidden a column from myself by mistake.  How do I get it back?

If you hide a column from the Instructor View and haven’t already hidden it from students, your students will still be able to see it.  To get it back, click on Column Organization in the Manage menu.

Grade Center Column Organization

Find the hidden column (it will be under “Not in a Grading Period”) and click the checkbox next to it.

Hidden Columns

Then, scroll either to the top or bottom of the screen and choose Show Selected Columns from the Show/Hide menu.


Show Selected Columns


Click the submit button, and you’ll be taken to the Grade Center with the column visible to you.

I’m trying to hide the Total Column and it won’t let me. Why?

It is likely that your Total Column is set as the ‘external grade’. If it is, this icon   will appear next to the column name.  This is what shows to students as the overall grade to your class in the students’ My Grades menu item.


If you need to hide this column, first click the menu of a different column and choose ‘Set as External Grade’.  Since there can only be one column given this designation, the column you are wishing to work with will now lose that property. You can now click on it and select ‘Show/Hide to Users’ as above.

Grade Center Set As External GradeGrade Center Hide From Students

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