ou can use rubrics to grade most major items in Scholar.  You must first create the rubrics, and attach them to an assignment or test question.  Assignments, Journals, Blogs, and Discussions allow you to access the rubrics through the Inline Grading features  You can access the rubrics for test questions through the Grade Test function.

Grading with Inline Grading

To grade Assignments, Journals, Blogs or Discussions using a rubric, navigate to the Grade Center, click on the dropdown next to the Needs Grading symbol ().  Then choose Attempt <date> (for assignments) or Grade User Activity (for Discussions/Blogs/Journals).

Grade User Activity

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see Grade.  Click on the downward arrow.

Grade Menu

Then, click on the name of the rubric.

Rubric Link

The rubric will then appear.  You can click Show Descriptions for detailed descriptions of each category, and Show Feedback to be able to enter feedback for each area of evaluation.  The points will automatically calculate for you. When you’re done, click Save Rubric.

Rubric Categories Graded

Grading Test Questions

If you’ve associated a rubric with one or more questions in a test, you can use it to grade those items.  To do so, click on the dropdown next to the needs grading symbol and choose Attempt <date>.

Grade Attempt

Next to the points for the question, click “View Rubric.”

View Test Rubric

A rubric will pop up.  Click the cells to assign a grade.  The points will be automatically calculated.

Test Rubric Details

Once you do, the points will be transferred to the test.

Grading Other Columns

If you’ve attached a rubric to a Grade Center column for something not turned in to Scholar, there are a few different steps.

Select the dropdown for the student and column you wish to grade.  Then, choose View Grade Details.

View Grade Details

On the screen that comes up, click View Rubric.

View Column Rubric

The rubric will pop up and allow you to grade.

Rubric View for Grading

Click Save at the top, and the points will be transferred to the grade details.

Save Rubric Grade

Then, scroll down and click Save to save the grade.

Save Grade

If you want to go through all your students, you can page through them at the top.

Page Through Students

Before doing so, remember to click Save for each student’s grade.

When you’re done, click Return to Grade Center in the bottom-right corner.

Return to Grade Center

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