CNU is currently planning a move away from its current WiFi network (WiFi-CNU) in order to implement the new Eduroam. In order to ensure that your devices connect consistently to the new network rather than the old, it will be necessary for your devices to 'forget' the settings that allow them to automatically connect to the old network. 


Open the Settings application for your phone. From the main screen, this is the application with a gear icon, as shown on the bottom left. Settings can also be reached by swiping down from the top of the screen to bring up the phone's Quick Select menu, and selecting the gear icon in the top right corner. 

Android Settings 1Android Settings 2

From the Settings menu, select Connections.

From the Connections menu, select WiFi to see your available WiFi networks, as well as your current network. 

Connections WiFi

Select the current network by tapping on the gear icon on the right hand side of the network. This will show you the details of the network you are currently connected to. At the bottom of the details window, tap the Forget icon shaped like a trash can. 

Select NetworkForget Network

The phone will disconnect from the network in the process, and return you to the general WiFi screen. Your phone will list the network you forgot among the list of available networks, but no longer auto-connect or remember the login credentials.

Network List


on your iPhone, select the Settings app, which looks like a gear–on this phone, the app is on the upper left of the screen. 

iOS Settings

From inside the settings, select WiFi. You should see the currently connected WiFi network listed alongside the option. 

You will be brought to the Wifi settings; a list of available networks is visible, with the connected network shown at the top. Select the connected network. 

You will be able to view the details of this network, including the address and security level. To maintain the security clearance needed to join the network, but turn off the phone's ability to auto-join the network, turn off the Auto-Join toggle. To wipe the network's security clearance and disconnect, select "Forget This Network". 

You will return to the list of available WiFi networks. The previous network will still be visible, but you will no longer be connected

Windows 10

The simplest method of reaching the network you need to forget is through the list of available networks on right-hand side of the taskbar. Open the list and select "Properties" for the network you are currently connected to. 

You will see the properties of this particular network, which includes a toggle labeled "Connect automatically when in range." Turn this toggle to Off, and close the window.  You will be automatically disconnected from the network, with the option to reconnect to it manually if you wish. 

Windows 10 Network List


Select the System Preferences app from the taskbar–it is grey, and looks like a gear. 

MacOS System Preferences

From the System Preferences window, select Network. 

MacOS Network

Select WiFi on the list on the left. If you are currently connected to the network you would like to forget, uncheck the box labeled "Automatically join this network." 

MacOS AutoConnect

Click 'Advanced' to see a full list of available WiFi Networks. 

Network WiFi Advanced

The Wi-Fi pane shows a Preferred Networks list. Select the Wi-Fi network that you want your Mac to forget.

Network List

Click the remove button (–) beneath the list. If you're asked to confirm, click Remove. Click OK, then Apply to apply the change and fully forget the network.

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