If you have a unique grading system, have class assignments in external sites, or just prefer a different grade editing environment, you may wish to download your Grade Center and work on it in Excel.  These instructions will give you the information that you need to do so.

Downloading your Grade Center

To download your Grade Center, first go to the Full Grade Center in your course on Scholar.

Scholar Full Grade Center Link

From Work Offline, choose Download.

Scholar Download Grade Center

You’ll be brought to a screen where you can choose some parameters for the download.  First, choose what data you’d like to downloaded:

Scholar Grade Center Download Data Select

Next, you’ll need to choose information about the file itself.  Change Delimiter Type to “Comma”.   If you want to include columns that you’ve hidden from your view in the Grade Center, change Include Hidden Information to “Yes”.  Otherwise, leave it as “no”.

Scholar Grade Center Download Delimiter

Choose My Computer for the Download Location.  You do not have to click the browse button when you do this.

Scholar Download Location DO NOT CLICK

Click Submit, and you’ll be taken to a page with a download button.  Click the button to download the file.

Editing your Grade Center

Once you’ve downloaded your Grade Center, it’s time to edit it. 

Do not change the column headers, or the file won’t import correctly.

You can also add columns at the end and they’ll be added to the Grade Center. However, they will be added as Text columns and not included in any calculations.  You’ll have to go in and change the column settings if you want them.

When you’re done with your edits, save the file.  In the Save as Type: dropdown, choose CSV or Comma Separated Values. You may get a couple of popups asking if you’re sure; choose yes.

Excel Save File 1

Excel Save File 2

Uploading your Edited File

Once you’ve saved your edited file, you can upload it to Scholar.  Return to your Grade Center and choose Upload from the Work Offline menu.

Scholar Upload Grade Center File

Click Browse My Computer, and find the file.  

Scholar Upload Grade Center File Location

Click Submit, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can see how the grades will update.

Scholar Upload Grade Center Preview

Click submit again, and the new columns will be created.

If you want to use any columns that you created in Excel in calculations within the Grade Center, you’ll need to convert them to a Score or Percentage column.  To do that, click the dropdown at the top of the column and choose Edit Column Information.

Change Primary Display to either Score or Percentage.

Scholar Grade Primary Display

Then enter the number of points possible.

Scholar Grade Center Points

Click Submit, and your new column will now be included in the Grade Center calculations.

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