Note: This article is about the Grade Center in Scholar's Original Course view. For the Gradebook in Ultra courses, refer to the documentation here

By default, the Grade Center gives you several columns of information about your students, then contains all of the columns that you create in the order in which you add them.  As such, you may want to reorder or hide the columns in the Grade Center.  This article gives you instructions on how to do so.

One important thing to remember is that hiding the columns from yourself DOES NOT hide them from students. You will have to hide the column from students before you hide it from yourself if you want neither your students nor yourself to see it.

To hide a column from students, click on the dropdown at the top of the column that you want to hide and choose “Hide from Students (on/off)”

Hide Grade From Students

To hide a column from yourself, click on the dropdown at the top of the column and choose “Hide from Instructor View”

Hide Grade From Instructor View

The column will then be hidden from your view only.

If you’d like to hide multiple columns or reorder columns, you should use the Manage Column Organization features.  To do so, click on Column Organization in the Manage menu.

Grade Center Column Organization

You’ll be brought to a screen with a list of all of the columns.  

Full Grades List

The top section, “Shown in All Grade Center Views”,  contains columns that are shown in the Full Grade Center, Assignments, Tests, and any custom Grade Center views that you create.  This is usually biographical information about the students, as well as total columns.  The bottom one, “Not in a Grading Period,” contains columns that can be filtered in different Grade Center views.  CNU does not use grading periods, which are primarily used to allow K-12 schools to reset their students’ grades after each semester.

From this screen, you can organize the columns in three ways: showing and hiding columns, moving columns, and freezing columns.

Hiding/Showing Columns

If you want to hide one or more columns from your students, click the box next to the column name(s) and choose Hide Selected Columns from the Show/Hide menu.

Hide Selected Columns

To get back a column that you’ve hidden, check the box next to it and choose Show Selected Columns from the Show/Hide menu.

Show Selected Columns

Moving Columns

Changing the order of columns is simple.  Hove your mouse over the crosshairs to the left of the column name.

Move Column Order

Your cursor will turn into crosshairs and you can drag the columns up and down to change thier order.

Freezing Columns

You may want additional information about the students that you’re grading to stay on the screen even if you’ve scrolled to look at other grades.  

You can only freeze columns that are in the “Shown in All Grade Center Views” section.  To move something from “Not in a Grading Period” section, click the checkbox next to it and select Show Selected Columns in All Grade Center Views from the Show/Hide menu.

Show Selected Columns

Then, move your chosen column above the gray bar.

Move Column to Frozen Section

If there are a number of columns above/below the gray bar that you’d like to freeze or unfreeze, you can move the gray bar itself.

Finalizing your Changes

When you’ve finished with your changes, click the Submit button at the bottom or top of the page.  Once you do, your changes will immediately be reflected in the Grade Center.

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