This document refers to creating columns in an Original View Scholar course's Grade Center. For information on the Gradebook in Ultra courses, refer to the documentation here

While the Grade Center is designed with Scholar-based assignments and assessments in mind, it is possible to create your own custom columns in the Grade Center. Some of these columns can be created to hold a grade for a singular item not dictated through Scholar. To create a single-item column, navigate to the full Grade Center and click on Create Column. 

Create Column

A window will open that allows you to dictate the title of the column, as well as provide a description of the content being graded. Please not that only the Column Name is a required field; you are not required to provide a description, or a secondary name for the Grade Center. 

Grade Column Info

Underneath the description, you will be provided with a series of dropdowns: 

  • The first and second dropdowns dictate the format in which the grade in the column will be displayed. The primary display is the only one that is required, as the Secondary Display is only visible to the instructor in the Grade Center. The default display is a raw score, but includes other formats such as percentages; however, it is recommended that the default display be kept in most scenarios. 
  • The Category dropdown can be used to sort this column into a group of columns based on categories. Columns made via the Tests and Assignments tools are automatically sorted into the Tests and Assignments categories respectively; however, custom columns must have their category set manually. Categories are useful when creating a Weighted Total Calculated Column, which is shown below. 
  • The Points Possible field is the maximum number of points possible in this column item. This is a required field for the column to be created. 
  • You are also able to add a rubric to the column if the assignment being graded requires one. For more information about creating a rubric to attach, read our column on creating rubrics here.  

Grade Column Display

The next setting allows you to set a due date for grades input on this column. Please note that setting a due date does not block grades from being input into the column after the date has passed, but just places a notice on said grades that they are late. 

Grade Column Dates

The last few settings in the column affect how the column interacts with other columns in the grade center, and how it is presented to students. Faculty have the ability to choose whether the grades in the new column are included in calculations such as Total Grades, whether students will be able to see the column for themselves, and whether the column will come with descriptive statistics such as average and median grade values. 

Grade Column Options

When you have finished selecting the desired setting for this column, click Submit. The column will be added to the Grade Center. 

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