Note: This article is about copying a test between Scholar courses in Original view. For copying content between courses in Ultra courses, refer to the documentation here.

When tests and quizzes are built they are stored in the Tests area. To copy tests you’ll need to export the test to your computer and then import it to the ‘Tests’ area of the destination course.


Enter the course shell that contains the test you intend to copy to a different course, and select “Tests, Surveys, and Pools”.


Scholar Tests Surveys and Pools

On the ensuing page select ‘Tests’.

Scholar Tests

On the Tests page, click the interactive menu next to the test you wish to copy and select Export to Local Computer.

Scholar Export Tests To Local Computer

You’ll get the ‘save as’ dialog box appropriate to your operating system. It is important that you do not choose to open the test and do not change the naming scheme of the test. *Blackboard will simply not recognize the file for later import if you have altered this, specifically coded, zip file.

Save the test to a folder on your computer (or other drive you may choose).

Now exit the current course in Blackboard and navigate to the course you intend for the copy.

Again enter the tests area and select Import Test.

Scholar Import Test Button

On the Import Test page select Browse My Computer.

Scholar Brows For Test File

Retrieve the file as you would by navigating to any other file on your computer. After selecting the file be sure to click Submit on the Test Import page.

The test will now be in the new course and you may edit and deploy it in the new course.  Refer to the Deploying a Test article for instructions on how to deploy your copied test.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

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