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To protect the CNU Network, ITS has implemented a system that makes sure only fully-­patched

computers with a working antivirus are able to connect to the network. Out­-of-­date computers or

those without the necessary antivirus are only able to access the sites needed to update the operating system or antivirus.

This is checked by Aruba OnGuard, a program that monitors your computer and ensures that it's up to date and protected. The first time that you sign in to CNU's wireless network, you'll have to download OnGuard.

First, log in to CNU-Wifi as normal.  Then attempt to go to any website. You’ll be redirected to the download page for the OnGuard agent.

OnGuard Download Page

Click the Download button.

OnGuard Download Button

The OnGuard agent will be downloaded.  Navigate to your downloads folder and double-click the ClearPassOnGuardInstall.dmg file.

OnGuard Download File Mac

When the image opens, double-click on the ClearPassOnGuard.pkg file.


The installer will open and tell you that it needs to run a program to determine if it can be installed.  Click Continue.

Continue Install

Then click Continue on the installer, read the license agreement, and click Continue a second time.

Install License Agreement1

You’ll be asked to agree to the license agreement.  Click Agree.

Install License Agreement2

On the next screen, click Install.

Install Button OnGuard

You’ll need to sign in as an administrator if you’re not already signed in.

The OnGuard agent will then be installed.  If your computer meets all of the requirements, you’ll see a green checkmark in your notification area and be able to access the network.

OnGuard Agent Button

If not, you’ll see a red x and have limited access. Click the x and choose “Show ClearPass OnGuard.” 

ClearPass OnGuard

You’ll see what caused you to fail the check.

If you need an antivirus program, you can obtain it from one of the following vendors.  If you have an anti-virus program that is not on this list, you can check the full list of supported antivirus programs.

Fix the problems with your computer. You’ll have access to operating system and antivirus websites to do so.  When you’ve done that, OnGuard will recheck your system within the next couple of minutes. If everything has been fixed, you should then be able to access the Internet.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079