To connect your Chromebook to CNU's wireless network navigate to your Chromebook's wireless settings and select eduroam. You will be prompted to enter in configuration settings for eduroam in order to successfully connect to the wireless network. Be aware; if you enter an incorrect password five times in a row, your device will be "blacklisted" from the wireless network for 5 minutes. If your device gets "blacklisted" simply wait five minutes before attempting to reconnect to eduroam, at which time you will again, have five chances to enter your CNU email address and password correctly.

Select the wireless icon at the bottom right hand side of the desktop

Desktop image

Select eduroam from the list of wireless networks

Wireless networks

Ensure your settings are set appropriately

  • EAP Method = PEAP
  • EAP Phase 2 authentication = Automatic
  • Server CA certificate = Do not check

WiFi Security

  • Identity = Enter your CNU email address
  • Password = Enter your password

WiFi Password entry


OnGuard is not required on Chromebooks

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079