Unfortunately, students can be bumped out of  Blackboard tests for a variety of technical reasons. If “Force Completion” is not used, the students are able to immediately get back in. However, if it is, students’ tests will be automatically submitted if their connection is interrupted for even a short time.  Students should contact their instructors as soon as this happens.

Occasionally, technical problems may result in the test not being submitted, but the student being locked out of completing their test attempt.  Incomplete test attempts are represented by the following symbol .  While an incomplete test is not necessarily a problem, if a student reports that the test has locked them out, you’ll need to clear it before they can get in.

To clear an attempt follow these steps:

Drag your pointer into the student’s cell in the grade center, click on the interactive menu and choose ‘View Grade Details’.

Scholar View Grade Details

This will open the ‘grade details’ page.

On this page, you have the option to grade or clear the attempt. If you are certain that the student attempt needs to be cleared, you can simply click the ‘Clear Attempt’ button.

Scholar Clear Attempt

If the student reported they had completed the test, or the error happened when they were submitting you may want to view their test before clearing it. In this case select ‘View Attempt’.

This will open the test and you can view the answers given. If the student answered a sufficient number of questions you do have the option to force submit the test on their behalf.

Click the ‘Test Information’ button.

Test Information

This will expand that section of the test.

Scholar Full Test Information

You can clear the attempt from here, but you may also hit the ‘Submit Attempt’ button in order to force submit the test. This is useful if a student starts a test but forgets to submit it before the availability end date. Auto-graded question types will be scored, short answer and essay questions will still need grading by the instructor as normal.

Once you have cleared the attempt, the student may re-enter the test as long as it is still available. The instructor can ‘return to the grade center’ or navigate away from the page as normal.

*Note that you may also access the ‘Edit Test’ option from this page. This is for adjusting the test for all results, not the single test you originally entered.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079