This document is about attaching rubrics to assignments in Original view Scholar courses. For Ultra courses on the same topic, refer to the documentation here

A rubric can be used with assignments, blogs, wikis, journals and discussion boards in Blackboard. A rubric can also be applied to individual short answer and  essay test questions. 

Attaching a Rubric to Assignments/Discussion Forums/Etc.

When following the normal processes for creating an assignment (blog, discussion etc...) or a Grade Center column, you have the option of attaching a rubric. For assignments, the option is found in a dropdown under the Points Possible field. 

Assignment Add Rubric

In discussions, blogs and journals, you must first turn grading on for the forum, thread, blog, or journal.

Grade Discussion Forum Selection

The Add Rubric pull down menu will then appear. 

Add Rubric Grading Discussion Forum

When you click that pull down menu the options to create or edit a rubric are available in addition to ‘Select Rubric’.

Rubric Dropdown Menu

If you need to create a rubric, choose Create New Rubric and follow the directions in the Creating Rubrics article.

If you have previously created the rubric, choose ‘Select Rubric’.  This opens a pop up menu to select any of the rubrics associated with the class.

Select Existing Rubric

You can click the preview button to look at the rubric. To attach the rubric to the assignment, check the box and click submit. A pop up window will query whether or not you want the maximum points possible on the rubric to fill in the ‘Points Possible’ field for the assessment. 

Assign Points

Typically, select OK.

You may include multiple rubrics with one assessment. One of these will be designated to the grading function, you can alter that selection after including the rubrics.

The ‘Associated Rubrics’ section of the page now displays a few options.

Associated Rubrics

You can delete (), preview()  or edit ()  the rubric. 

You can select whether or not the rubric is used for grading, and choose whether or not the rubric will be displayed to students.

Rubric for Secondary Evaluation

You can opt whether or not to show the scores in this display status and also have the option to reveal the rubric after grading. 

Reveal Rubric After Grading

Once you have completed this rubric area of any given assessment you can proceed through the rest of the page for building that part of your Blackboard course. When you submit, the rubric will be attached to the given assignment, blog, wiki, journal or discussion board (or individual test question). 

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