The SAGE Vantage online resources can now be added to your Scholar course.   This will allow students to sign into SAGE resources without creating a separate account, allow linking to specific resources in your Scholar shell, and automatically transfer grades on assignments to your Scholar Grade Center.

To add a SAGE textbook to your course, you'll first have to contact your SAGE representative to have it added to your account.

Once that's done, go into any content area (e.g. "Readings", "Assignments", etc.) in your course.  There, choose "SAGE Vantage" from the Build Content menu.

You will be asked to select the textbook that you've adopted.  If you don't see the textbook, contact your SAGE representative for assistance.

Once you've linked your textbook, check the "Link to Course" box next to any reading that you'd like in your course, and the "Grade Sync" box next to any item that you'd like in the Grade Center. Then, scroll up and click Continue.

select items

You're taken to a confirmation page.  Click Continue there as well.

Click Continue

Close the tab that appears.  Return to the tab that you added the assignment from, click the Refresh button, and your item(s) will be visible.

If you are not taken to the SAGE page when selecting "SAGE Vantage", or if the SAGE items don't show up in your course after you create them, please contact ITS for help.  For all other issues with the SAGE integration, please contact your SAGE representative.

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079