McGraw Hill has a wide variety of online tools that come with its textbooks.  These can be integrated into Scholar to allow your students to sign in without remembering a separate username and password, provide direct links to assignments in the McGraw Hill tool, and transfer grades back to your Grade Center.  These instructions will work for all McGraw Hill tools EXCEPT Aleks.  That uses a separate integration.

Pairing your Course with Connect

To add McGraw Hill content to your course, choose "McGraw Hill LITA from the Build Content menu".

Select from Build Content

The first time you connect, it will attempt to find a McGraw Hill login with your e-mail address.  If it doesn't find one, you'll be prompted to log in to connect your Scholar and McGraw Hill accounts.  Sign in to your account. If you don't have a McGraw Hill account, contact your McGraw Hill representative.

McGraw Signin

Subsequent times, you'll be asked whether you want to pair your course, or reset your login.  Click "Pair with a Connect Section".

Pair with Connect

Either way, if you've already created your course on Connect (or had one created for you) choose "Pair with existing Connect course".  If you haven't, choose "Pair with new Connect Course".

If you choose to pair with an existing course, you'll get a list of your Connect courses.  Click Select to pair.

Select to Pair

If you create a course, you'll be taken to a form to search for your textbook.

Textbook Search

Select your textbook from the list.  Make sure you pay attention to the textbook edition so that your students are able to access it.

Textbook List

Give the course a name and identify it by section.  These don't need to match the information in Scholar, but it may make them easier to find if they do.

Once the course is paired, you can go to the course, or just close the tab to return to Scholar.

Paired Success

Adding Assignments

To add an assignment to your course, access Connect by choosing McGraw Hill LTIA from the Build Content menu.

You'll be taken to a screen where you have choices on how to manage your Connect section. Click "Go to my Connect Section".

Connect menu

First, create your assignment in Connect.  This will vary based on the specific text and online tool, so contact your McGraw Hill representative if you have questions. To allow students to access it from Scholar and grades to transfer, check the box next to the assignment and choose "Deploy/manage".

Choose whether you want your assignment(s) with multiple attempts (set in Connect, contact your McGraw Hill representative for assistance with that) to send the students highest (Best) grade or their last grade, and click Deploy.

click deploy

Leave your browser tab open until you see a success message.  Then, you can close the tab with your McGraw Hill section.  The new assignment will display the next time you refresh the tab with your course (it will be visible to students immediately, but Scholar isn't able to refresh itself, so you need to refresh to see it).

If this didn't resolve your issue:

or call (757) 594-7079
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